Orphanage Football Tournament [Archives:1999/01/Sports]

January 4 1999

Under the auspices of Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Akwaa, Minister of Information, a football tournament is being held at the Orphans Home in Sanaa. Nineteen teams from neighboring quarters, in addition to teams representing the Ethiopian and Sudanese communities, the Olympic Center, the Environment Supporters, are taking part in matches being held at the Orphans Home field. The tournament will continue until 25th Ramadhan.
Participant teams are divided into five groups:
1st Group: Teachers team, Fire Fighters teams 1, Tawfiq team and Al-Zawraa Club
2nd Group: Sudanese community team, Olympic Center team, Najma team
3rd Group: Ethiopian community team, Fire Fighters team 2, Al-Waeel Youth team, Al-Jawarih Club
4th Group: Youth Forum, Munich, Orphans Home, Al-Nasr Club
5th Group: Environment Supporters 1, Al-Manar Club, Al-Tarraji, Environment Supporters 2
The tournament is supervised by the Sports For All Association, in cooperation with Physical Education section at the Orphans Home.