“Our art culture is regressing.” YEMENI ARTISTS CALL FOR HELP [Archives:1998/51/Culture]

December 21 1998

In an exhibition, opened recently in Aden, more than 70 works of art were displayed. This includes oil and water-color paintings, ceramics, graphics, and posters created by 11 different artists from Aden. All the products were exhibited for the first time. 
The well-known artist and chairperson of Yemeni Plastic Artists Syndicate (Aden branch), Ms. Ilahm Al-Arashi told Yemen Times, “Following the founding conference of the Yemeni Plastic Artists Syndicate on December 15, 1997, in Sanaa, branches of this organization were established in Hadhramaut and Aden. On August 31, 1998, I was elected chairperson of the Aden branch. 
“I hope to covey the problems and issues of concern of my colleagues to the relevant authorities. I also aim for arts exhibitions to be a constant feature of the Yemeni arts scene. Organizing such exhibitions and other art activities must not be limited to national occasions and anniversaries. “We have long-term plans to follow, organizing our work well in advance for different events. 
“Yemeni artists sincerely look forward to the relevant official bodies in this country to extend all possible assistance and support, both moral and material. Art culture in Yemen is regressing as visible from the many setbacks. With the Yemeni artists’ efforts – represented by the syndicate – it is hoped that our culture will pull through. 
“We are working to make Aden a better place to live and work. Many new features and landmarks are proposed for the city – murals, fountains, statues, etc. The things that exist now are haphazardly strewn all over the place, without any regard to esthetics. Beautifying Aden has now become our primary concern now. 
“Adeni artists can now exhibit their work at a permanent art gallery where people can view and buy the product. This place is situated near the Coast Guard headquarter in Tawahi, just opposite the port’s gate. Everybody is welcome.” 
By: Yousuf Sharif, 
Yemen Times, Aden