Our precious Yemen [Archives:2007/1091/Community]

October 4 2007

By: Fuad Ahmed Ja'dan
English Lang. graduate

Sun-burnt mirth of sons, high as the sun

What to do? We did, what you want we led

Like amazing painting, full of lovely gratitude

Of the eternal raining spring song of miracles, soon

The stars are dancing in the music of the moon.

For sons, fathers, leers, for the land

Of May the twenty second.

O my God keeping my spirit Yemen.

She is sweet Helen, my love, life, and my soul,

I pray, take the all, but the whole still

While saving my beloved, Yemen.

Of which I made, for which I die, on which I enjoyed

My prayers, her music, how she looks like!

Of the kindest and wisest light she made,

That I never see like, like the moon of dark night,

The sun of the heaven.

Ours is the paradise of Yeat's Byzantium

Those who lived in Eliot's The Wasting Land,

And survived from Milton's Paradise Lost

Running and still coming to settle peacefully

In the arms of Yemen,

To feel the warmth, kindness, the wisdom,

Brotherhood, equality, here, the all of Adam

Of my heart blood written these crimson words

Maybe to relieve the painful aches,

To be song of happiness on her rosy lips,

To cure the groaning agony of soaring spirits,

To draw her melodious soft music sounds

My fate, the honest days I spend in her ears,

Oh, the last moment between heaven and hell,

Between day and night as cure and ill.

I hear cheerful voices, I see eyes cheering hope tearful.

The future breath over the breeze I smell,

While lovers exchange each other smiles as angels.

Therefore, keep yourself awake. No time, they move fast,

Not be asleep. Here only youth with books and experts,

You find the peals of minds, doctors and learners.

We are to pass the impossible, to kill the ignorance.

Look, with will, they were four steps running as fast step.

Hardly I bid farewell on a moment and welcomes on a step.

What past was! What future is! It is a painful farewell.

What a bitter moment is! In the final farewell!

Party to leave my dearest doctors and friends.

But I thank my God, I have my faith, will and aims.

To build, work and die for the life of Yemen.