Our Tourism Authorities Should Reconsider their Plans [Archives:2001/16/Last Page]

April 16 2001


It is a fact that all over the world countries pay much attention to the tourism industry and they draw up plans, build tourist complexes, hold seminars and conferences to discuss this vital and profitable industry. All countries are ambitious to establish a tourist industry yielding good revenues to enhance their national economy. Numerous beautiful areas on the globe have been rendered into tourist resorts in order to attract tourism lovers.
Millions of people leave their countries in search of different areas and landscapes, especially those with rich, historical value representing human civilizations.
Yemen enjoys long, beautiful sea shores extending hundreds of kilometers and possesses more than 130 islands in the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea.
Yemen’s sea shores are unique in their tourist characteristics and are very attractive with enchanting scenarios. There is a lot of diversification of marine life such as many kinds of fish, in addition to coral reefs, and precious stones. There is also enough potential for establishing adventure tourism including sea diving which needs extremely careful attention to develop, as it has a far reaching impact on developing the national economy.
Yemen also possesses islands which hold a rich promise for flourishing tourism. The island of Socotra is a case in point where there is a natural and photogenic environment, very rare in other areas in the world. It is inhabited by many species of birds and its sea is filled with coral reefs, giant whales and other marine life. Moreover the island has a historical importance as it is said to be part of the land of ancient races and civilizations and Aa’ad and Thamoud forms an extension of the ancient civilizations of Sabaa and Himyar.
Tourism authorities in Yemen should exert their utmost efforts to organize and develop tourist investment by which all tourist sites can be defined. They should take all measures leading to the prosperity of the industry of tourism in the country.
Abdulaziz Mohammed Abdulla
YT Aden Bureau