Out of the tune [Archives:2007/1087/Community]

September 20 2007

Every year, a lot of serious plans and national conferences have been held against administrative and financial corruption in the governmental bodies, and furthermore an association has been established for the same goals.

However, and as we know, corruption is often done by those who vow to destroy it. In other words, they are responsible, bosses or employees whose hearts are evil and corrupt. However, they receive the highest wages and live comfortably.

For instance, the administration in which one works; one could easily identify those who practice corruption inside their offices or outside. From the first onset, they have the souls of servants; they are slaves to their goodness. Some of them pretend to be principled in Islam. They use the religion to veil their crimes. However, they have violated rules and laws, taking bribes and deceiving others.

Furthermore, corrupted officials behave like babies in the hand of their managers and their speeches are immediately heard with high self-confidence, although they are full of lies. Therefore, if one quarrels with any of them, it means that you are trying to take down the government. So, be careful you are compelled to obey them as the blind without saying a word against them, (because they are considered salt of earth) their minds say.

Another way for identifying them, in the administration, is that if we look inside their files, we would recognize that they are almost litigated. Their employment files are virtually devoid of any qualifications, although they manage very important offices and high educated workers. In addition, they lack any experience in the fields they direct.

Consequentially, they feel inferior psychologically. The corrupted plant despair and confusion as well as failure inside all the governmental bodies. They work as they wish and the masses suffer because of them.

Corrupted officials are not large in number, and it is so difficult to punish them, especially during the month of truthfulness and repentance: Ramadan. It is a suitable time for those who are sinners to repent as well as for those who are failures to succeed. Though what we need is strong will and truthful intentions for Ramadan, it is necessary for a month of war against these officials.

Let us fight truthfully and courageously against corruption in order to rescue our Yemen from a real collapse.