Over 600 foreigners involved in criminal acts [Archives:2007/1052/Local News]

May 21 2007

SANA'A, May 20 ) About 630 Arab and non-Arab foreigners including 74 ladies were involved in different criminal acts in Yemen over the year of 2006.

According to 26 September website, the organ of the Yemeni Armed Forces, 405 Arabs including 51 ladies and 224 non-Arabs including 23 ladies were involved in criminal acts registered in Yemen during the last year. Those crimes include theft, robbery, cheating, drugs, and forgery.

The source further indicated that 273 Arabs and non-Arabs were involved in robbery crimes mounting to 8900 crimes in total, including 577 car-theft crimes, 477 home-robbery cases, 932 shop burglaries, and 480 cheatings. Over 25 individuals were involved in drugs, killings, or killing attempts.

It added that the total number of Arabs and non-Arabs involved in crimes that violate the effective Yemeni laws concerning settlement, passports, and nationality reached around 13,143 people, including 3,676 ladies, in 2006.