Over 800 people killed in traffic accidents [Archives:2007/1051/Local News]

May 17 2007

SANA'A, May 15) Over 150 people of both sexes and different age groups died in traffic accidents, that took place last April in Yemen. The number of traffic accidents recorded across Yemen for the same month reached around 1000 including running over pedestrians, turn-over, and collisions, according to 26 September, the mouthpiece of Yemeni armed forces.

Further, over 1400 people were injured, mostly critical injuries, according to the same source which attributed such accidents to reckless driving and non-commitment to traffic regulations, together with the lack of periodic maintenance of cars and vehicles.

Aside from material losses, the source added that 3427 accidents occurred over the period of January – March 2007, leaving behind 721 killed and other 4000 injured.

Thus, the total number of death cases reached over 871 including 100 women and 182 children in a total number of 4427 accidents registered over the last four months.

Ministry of Interior statistics recorded 13342 accidents during 2006, which resulted in killing 281 and injuring 17,147 others. The accidents, recorded over the years 2002-2005, amounted to 59,327 accidents which killed 12,000 and injured around 74,000 others.

In total, the statistics indicated that there were over 155,000 accidents occurred between 1990 and 2006, causing death to over 34,000 and injuring more than 209,000 people.