Over embezzlement of students’ allotmentsYemen’s Cultural Attache in India suspended [Archives:2005/853/Local News]

June 23 2005

NEW DELHI- June 20- The Yemeni Ambassador to India suspended the Cultural Attache at the embassy in New Delhi from work because of playing with financial resources allotted for students.

The sources emphasized that the suspension was due to embezzlements of financial resources allocated for the Yemeni students studying in India.

The Yemeni Ambassador to India sent a letter to foreign affairs and higher education ministries notifying them that the Cultural Attache Sadiq al-Hazmi has been stopped from working.

The decision was issued two months after a number of Yemeni scholars pursuing their studies in India, sued complaints to some government officials and MPs demanding release of their financial allotments being pocketed by the Cultural Attache.

The Parliament formed a committee last month to study the problem and detect complaints forwarded to the government. In turn, the committee traveled to India and presented a report on the issue to the parliament.

It is worth noting the illegal practice by the Cultural Attache at the Yemeni Embassy in India led to several problems among Yemeni students there and the universities they study in.

In addition, many students were reported to have been suffering difficult economic conditions over the last few moths since they did not get their allotments.