Over spread of corruptionMP offers resignation [Archives:2005/876/Front Page]

September 12 2005

SANA'A- Sept. 10- Faisal Amin Abu Ra'as, a MP offered last Wednesday his resignation to the Parliament but the demand was objected to by other MPs

The letter of resignation forwarded by Abu Ra'as said that he wants to quit in protest against the practice of corruption in different government institutions and the random policies adopted by the government causing suffering to citizens.

Faisal Abu Ra'as said the current government has no transparency and it has become a home to corruption and corrupt individuals. Due to its random policies, the unemployment rate has run high, the poor become poorer and the rich richer.

He emphasized the Parliament has become unable to stop corruption as the other concerned government parties never holds corrupt officials accountable for what they commit.

The difference of views and ideas among MPs helped wrongdoers continue doing what they want and the government unloaded the democratic experience out of its content and never made a distinction between the three authorities, according to Abu Ra'as.

The MP's letter of resignation indicated the unstudied government reforms increased suffering of people and helped raise poverty rate in the society. The furious MP asserted that locals in remote areas are deprived of basic services, they live below the poverty line and their living standards deteriorate with the passage of days, and that corruption has made corrupts wealthy without merit.

“Being corrupt, Bajammal's Government pursues the policy of silencing the public opinion and its achievements are reflected in the sale of wealth without monitoring or self-accountability. It converted the country into an unprotected area for corrupt people who exploit the situation for serving their personal interests at the expense of the national development,” said Abu Ra'as.

“The country is put under threat due to the absence of transparency and the irresponsible government which is not committed to conventions, pacts and accords. The government has not shown any real or convincing interpretation of what it practices.”

According to Faisal, the government misused powers and exploited them for serving interests of certain individuals. The public debt reached its highest level and exploitation of public money is practiced publicly. This exploitation has the ability to cover scandals of corruption and sale of wealth, as well as the government's false policies aimed at destroying locals in the remote areas, he added.

Faisal Abu Ra'as mentioned anyone visiting the remote areas will be shocked finding people there leading a miserable life as if they are not part of Yemen, and ascertained that it is impossible for economic stability to take place unless corrupt officials are held accountable and referred to court.

He stated that economic recovery could be achieved only in the separation of the different authorities and the provision of an effective audit and control organization. The establishment of an organization for fighting corruption is a must and it has to be run by impartial and independent figures and the parliament should have a role in its formation.

The government claims to have an organization for fighting corruption, and as corruption comes from within, how it would be possible for a government to account itself, he exclaimed.

The MP suggested that the Central Organization for Control and Audit should be affiliated to the Parliament so as to be able to held corrupt officials accountable for their malpractices.

It is noteworthy the MP Faisal Abu Ra'as is the representative of the constituency No. 272, al-Jawf Governorate and is a member of the ruling People's General Congress.