Overlooking TaizSheikh Zayed Park handed to MOWR [Archives:2005/819/Business & Economy]

February 24 2005

The Yemeni Ministry of Public Works and Roads (MPWR) was handed the park of Sheikh Zayed, which is one of a series of projects that were contributed to Yemen by late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan.

The park was built in a place 2,150 metres above the sea level and at a total cost of UAE's dirham 25,3 million.

According to the Ministry of Public Works and Roads, the project consists of three stories, and it has a restaurant with a total area of 400 square meters and many other tourist facilities.

The building contains 24 rooms in the first floor with a total area of 38 square meters each, a wing for highly ranking guests, another two setting rooms, a kitchen and a car park. It also has fountains, flowers and is equipped with electricity and water pipes.

The park was wholly furnished including the restaurant and the kitchen.

The park is connected with Taiz by a tarmac-covered road and it looks over the fascinating city of Taiz.

The project aims at providing picnic facilities and promoting tourism, in addition to being a natural sight.

A statement released by Abu Dhabi's Development Fund, which is to implement the project, reads that the project reflects the support lavishly offered by Late Sheikh Zayed to Yemen and its people and the depth of cooperative relations between both nations.

The statement clarified that the Park of Sheikh Zayed is a clear signal of cooperation between the two countries.