Ozone layer among things hurtCut a tree, wound our ecological soul [Archives:2004/718/Health]

March 8 2004

Ismail Al-Ghabiri
Taking care of trees is a civilized act and behavior, which reflects the level of attitude and awareness a general public has. The trees develop the civilized human behavior.
There is no doubt the participation of citizens, from all walks of life, in planting and taking care of trees and in expanding the arable lands, will eventually lead to the developing of environmental awareness among members of the society. There is no doubt also the formation of skills, directions and values, in order to understand and to appreciate the rooted relation between man and the surroundings he lives in, require the necessity to preserve the resources of environment and most importantly to utilize these resources while maintaining them clean and pure.
Trees do not only provide shades and feelings of peace and tranquility, but also bring a sense of delight and joy and food for human beings and animals alike. There are many benefits to having trees, which can help us sustain healthy lives.
Trees purify the air we breathe in, absorb the harmful gases and smells, regulate the degree of humidity in the atmosphere, enhance the look of our cities and homes and add beauty and good taste to the surrounding cement buildings and construction sites.
There are countless benefits to having and growing more and more trees. Thus, cutting down trees unnecessarily will definitely disturb the equilibrium of the environment in several aspects and incidents.
The phenomena being reported by the various media means and from time to time the holding of international summits and regular conferences and seminars by either the decision makers or by the specialists and scientists, for discussions and consultations in efforts to treat or to find solutions, are examples of alarming phenomena.
The changes in weather and climate, the rapid increase in the temperature degree in the atmosphere and the hole in the ozone layer which allows more penetration of ultraviolet light which in turn endangers mankind to develop some sort of skin cancer diseases (May God protects us all).
All of these problems force us to begin and to plant more and more trees and to expand the arable lands, starting with planting and taking good care of trees in our streets islands and home backyards and public gardens. These problems require of us also to confirm the importance of public awareness towards trees among fathers to children generations.
The spread of awareness on the importance of planting trees and paying attention to them through the future generations will enable us, if God is willing, to achieve the goal to preserve trees and to never cut them down.
Good luck.