Pakistan and India faithfulness loyalty to America [Archives:2002/09/Focus]

February 25 2002

BY: Nashwan M. Dabwan
India has wanted, in it’s last crisis with Pakistan, running the conflict from it’s point of view. India has also wanted dictating it’s conditions on Pakistani side : it exploits the conflict in Afghanistan, regional and international circumstances. India must not forget that Pakistan is a nuclear country,it has a nuclear and strategic weapon that was a point of weakness to Pakistan. Pakistani fight was suffering of strategic weapons at it’s historical struggle with India. India must also not forget that Pakistani people as well as all islamic people will not stop tied the hands in front of these blackmails and conditions Hindus and doing on Pakistan if the conflict reaches the top.
India has also wanted exploiting international pressures on Pakistan and strategic all alliance with Zionists. So it ‘s stance reached threatening with doing blow to Pakistani nuclear energies, and it has done pressures on it [Pakistan] to closing file of Kashmir forever. Pakistan has presented several steps to avoiding the war, but India tries to aggravate the position towards the war, and all will pay cost extremely. All indications point out that tension between India and Pakistan may not take matters to transport war; Hindus want achieving military and political victory and exploiting what is called the war against Terrorism; thy want transporting the conflict from Afghanistan to Pakistan and closing file to kashmir to interest of India Hindus.India wants gathering fruit of America war as Israel does in Pakistan; the matter do not stop at this level, Hindus do not want free Kashmir only but they want dividing Islamic Pakistan into little regions. They also want getting ride of nuclear energy of Pakistan; this is what India wants. But Pakistan does not stop tied up the hands in front of this Hindu arrogance; it has force and war material that it [Pakistan] does a strong blow against India. India, can’t put an end to operations of fighters at occupied Kashmir during the last decade; how it passes the matter into free Kashmir. If India ventures carrying out one of the plans or crosses the red lines, the explosion will prevail in the region wholly.If the fourth war breaks out, it will pay price extremely; not to mention ghost of division India suffers from it; India also suffers from separatist movements in some regions in in it. America as a leader of war against terrorism lets down its alliance Pakistan that presented many things for the sake of it. But we find that America stops as viewer on standing tension between Pakistan and India. So western deception is not new but it is very old on muslims and Arabs. But we unfortunately are a nation that the time does not have come to it to learn from it’s history.
America sees its interests and Israel at eye, and the rest of world at other eye; it exploites others and then, throws out. America also does not have any principle to treating with others expert it’s interests. Pakistan was a strong alliance to US during the war against Afghanistan. when tension and conflict have started between Pakistan and India, America appears as it does not listen, see and does not speak. But Israel has met some danger by children of stones; America appears to declare it’s statement’ the armless children are terrorists, but Israelis are victims of terrorism and violence. So new international system is unjust and unbalanced; ti is materialist and utilitarian.