Parliament Cancels Selling Treasury Bonds [Archives:2000/21/Local News]

May 22 2000

The parliament has Monday given in to the government will by approving to grant the government a three-month respite to finish levying certain illegal duties. The parliament had earlier annulled all the duties referred to in reports of the financial committee by majority of votes. The parliament had adopted a decision last July, forcing the government to stop levying those duties. However, the government refused to abide by the parliament request saying that there must be gradual procedures to cancel the decision. A number of MPs have described the parliament respite as violating the constitution. The parliament decision followed a demand by the Financial committee of the Parliament to cancel all illegal duties. On the other hand, the parliament canceled selling treasury bonds by the Yemen Central Bank which was adopted to make up for the budget deficit. An MP said that the government would not agree on cancellation of selling treasury bonds and he expected that the decision would be canceled by The President.