Parliament Debates Government’s Agenda [Archives:2001/18/Front Page]

April 30 2001

On Saturday Prime Minister Abdulqader Bajamal presented his government’s agenda of action to the Parliament for discussion and approval.
The agenda highlights the intention of the government to carry out reforms in different departments of the government. The focus is on the civil service, financial and monetary reforms, enhancing democracy and civil society while combating corruption. It is also serious about modernization of the educational system which has aroused resentment of the Islah party that sponsors the scholastic institutes. This may create a battle between Islah and GPC.
After listening to the agenda of the government, some committees were formed in parliament to review the details of the agenda. Within a few days they will report to parliament for approval, based on which a vote of confidence motion will be debated. However, the GPC has high hopes that the agenda will be passed as they have a majority of seats.
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