Parliament Discusses General Budget [Archives:2002/02/Front Page]

January 7 2002

The parliament began on December 30, 2001 discussing the draft financial statement of the General Budget after a two-month delay owing to annual vacation.
The statement contains the Central Authority Budget and local budgets of the Republic to all the governorates of the republic totaling more than YR 500 billion.
In a statement to the Yemen Times, Member of the Budget Committee at the Parliament, Abdullah Al-Maktari pointed out that the budget of 2002 was less than that of the previous year by an amount of YR 75 billion and the announced increase of the budget is not real. The target of this is to conceal the random treatment with Annual State Budget and the level of the national income which some concerned bodies want to conceal. During its discussion of the 2002 budget, the parliament didn’t render the final account of 2001.