Parliament object to use of Makha Port by armed forces [Archives:2005/854/Local News]

June 27 2005

SANA'A- The Parliament forced the government last week to go back on its decision concerning use of the main pavement of Makha Port on the Red Sea by the armed forces. Administratively, the port belongs to Taiz Governorate.

Minister of Transportation Eng. Omar al-Amodi vowed before the Parliament to cancel the decision which allocates a big portion of Makha Port for the armed forces.

He promised to develop and update the port as well as to expand it to be capable of receiving big and containers ships.

The MPs described the government's decision as extemporary, and was issued without any previous study or coordination with the General Ports Corporation.

They said: “the governorates of Taiz and Ibb are due to be harmed by the decision, which also have its negative effect on the city of Makha.

According to the Parliament, the decision will cost the government around YR 1billion out of the custom fees every year, 70% are the revenues of custom fees on livestock.

The government issued a decision last January to allocate the main pavement in Makha Port for the armed forces, but the Parliamentary committee described the decision as wrong and it may harm the national economy.

The committee considered the decision a threat against the source of income of locals in Makha and its neighboring areas which depends on the port activities.