Parliament postpones electing Anti-corruption Authority [Archives:2007/1040/Local News]

April 9 2007

SANA'A, April 8 ) During its Wednesday session, Parliament postponed electing the Anti-corruption Authority in order to verify nominees' credentials and complete the legal procedures required for nomination.

Member of Parliament Abdulkarim Shaiban said the committee that Parliament's Presidency Board authorized to receive candidate applications has taken wrong procedures, contravening Article 9 of the law. He considers the committee's report a violation of the law because it includes only 25 candidates, whereas the required number is 30 applicants, according to the law. The MP pointed out that such a report affords Parliament only a limited opportunity to select the most eligible candidates.

Shaiban clarified that the committee should verify candidates' credentials, but not depend on data it receives from the Shoura Council.

Prominent MP Sultan Al-Barakani stressed that the parliamentary committee must deal with candidates objectively and examine well their employment history and qualifications, as well as their capacity to confront corruption. Additionally, the committee must forward a report on them to Parliament.

Al-Barakani's proposal was welcomed by a majority of MPs, which enraged Deputy Parliament Speaker Yahya Al-Ray'i, who asserted that Al-Barakani is playing an enlightening role these days.

MP Nabil Al-Basha of the General People's Congress reacted to the deputy speaker's curiosity and rage, saying, “Why should we become enraged when we hear a good proposal from the head of the GPC parliamentary bloc?”

MP Abdurrazaq Al-Hijri of the Islah Party backed Al-Barakani's proposal, saying, “Candidates' names should return to the committee in order to verify their files and then prepare a comprehensive report on their employment history, experience and qualifications and forward it to Parliament.”

The parliamentary committee presented a report on procedures related to approving candidates for the Ant-corruption Authority, reporting that it received only 28 candidates after other applicants withdrew.