Parliament Ratifies 2001 Budget Project [Archives:2000/48/Front Page]

November 27 2000

The parliament ratified last Wednesday the budget project and annexed budgets for the fiscal year 2001 with a majority after heated debates between parities blocs leading to the withdrawal of Nasserite and Islah blocs and some independent MPs.
One hundred fifty-five MPs voted in favor, two MPs were opposed and three others abstained from voting.
The state budget was estimated at YR522 billion while the revenues were expected at YR487 billion, i.e. YR34 billion deficit.
Islah withdrew from the session after instructions made by Dr. Abdulrahman Ba-fadl, bloc chairman, who justified his blocs withdrawal by saying that Yahya al-Aymi, parliament vice chairman, handled the session in a military way. Some opposition sources justified their voting against the budget as containing unfair distributions among different authorities.