Parliamentarian Committee criticizes the government policies [Archives:2007/1070/Local News]

July 23 2007

SANA'A, July 20 ) The Parliament discussed the agreement of the additional loan between Yemen and the Saudi development fund with the amount of 31millions and 667 thousands USD supporting the projects of main roads.

Amran Al- Soudah Al- Ahnoom road (111 KM), Sana'a Al- Jawf Rajozah road (210 KM), Hajjah Al- Mahabeshah Kushar road ( 156 KM) . The total cost of the project is $ 112 millions, out of which $ 27 million was given by the Saudi development fund as a loan.

The Yemeni government will pay $ 32 millions. While the Islamic Bank will cover the remaining cost by a loan reaches $ 10 millions.

The Parliamentarian Committee, consisted of a development committee and a service committee, studied the agreement of the additional loan and pinpointed that there is a contrast in the information given by government about the assumed cost of the project. The dissimilarity in that reached 30 millions and 428 thousands USD.

The committee also highlighted the contrast in the path of the project. Additionally, the procedure of the components of the adopted roads from the two loans is not implemented, and there is a repetition in the parts of the components of the new loan.

The committee stated that the reasons and needs of the ratification of the agreement of the additional loan are the handling and correcting mistakes, the points of defaults that associated with the process of preparation, and the implementation of the projects financed from the two previous loans.

Therefore, according to the Committee, there is a defect somewhere in the policy of the loans used by the government; various sides attempt to get the loan with uncompleted and unsatisfying studies that have no accuracy or realism.

It is mentioned that the Committee, which has highlighted this information, also recommended accepting the loan last June.