Parliamentarians against corruption organization [Archives:2005/903/Business & Economy]

December 15 2005

The Yemen parliament has declared last week the foundation of 'Parliamentarians Against Corruption' organization amid big parliamentary and media audience. Members of the preparatory committee have confirmed the importance of establishing such an organization considering the recent local and international changes. Therefore the organization endeavors for deepening the democratic consultative action based in essence on transparency and popular partnership.

In this regard, four MPs were selected to be the organization's preparatory committee, c namely, Sultan al-Atwani, chairman of the Nasserite Unionist Organization as chairman, Sakhr al-Wajeeh from the General People's Congress as vice-chairman, Dr Aidaroos Nasser from YSP as reporter and Ali Hussein Ashaal from the Islah party in charge of financial affairs. Chosen MPs to be members of he preparatory committee of the organization are: Mohammed al-Shadadi, Abdulkarim Shaiban, Abdulkarim al-Aslami, Sadeq al-Budaani, Mohammed Saleh al-Qubati, Mohammed al-Jawfi, Ali Hussein al-Ansi, Hussein al-Suwadi, Abdulrazaq al-Hajri, Muhsin Basura, Abdulaziz Jabbari and Mohammed Thabit al-Assli. Members of the organization can also include previous parliamentarians, provided that they were elected to parliament directly by the people, not appointed.

The organization is willing to cooperate with all influential and effective parties in the society; media, politicians, jurists among others. It would propose draft laws, amend some laws, hold non-parliamentary activities and encounter corruption with all possible means and ways as well as legal means to realize its goals, which include working for the development of criteria pertaining to conduct, aimed at the enhancement of transparency, accountability and good governance. The organization may also hold the state institutions accountable according to law and develop the parliament's monitoring capabilities of the government activities. The organization would encourage the exchange of information and knowledge among all members of the organization in order to fight corruption. It would encourage members of parliament to enact laws and implement them in the manner that serves the goals for which the organization was founded on; in addition to disseminate general awareness about the dangers of corruption, and also call on the government to add measures and arrangements for fighting corruption in all of its agencies and programs, considering support for programs of other similar organizations as one of its aims.

The organization's foundation statement has affirmed that the organization aims at enhancing parliamentary powers through the activation of its monitoring role, defending the people's interests and safeguarding their wealth against corruption. Corruption does not only threaten the national wealth, public and private property and poses a real danger to the people's prosperity, but it also goes beyond that to threatening the noble values and ethics of the Yemeni people and their future aspirations in building the state of law and order, the statement added.