Parliamentary Committee inspecting jails in a number of governorates. [Archives:2004/725/Local News]

April 1 2004

It is expected that Public Freedoms and Human Rights Parliamentary Committee will resume its field visits to prisons in Al-Beidha, Dhamar, Lahj, Aden, Al-Dhala and Abyan on Saturday 3 April. The committee will be split into two, one presided over by Abdullah Al-Ghader MP, which will visit jails in Dhamar, Al-Dhala and Al-Beidha, and the second by Mohamed Rashad Al-Alieme, which will visit the jails in the other three governorates.
It is noteworthy that this is the second round of field visits by the committee and it is complementary to the first phase, which visited jails in Taiz, Al-Hodiedah and Hajjah.
In this regard, the National Organization for Defending Rights and Freedoms (NODRF) urges all political parties, journalists, lawyers, civil society organizations and human rights activists to cooperate with and to facilitate the work of the committee and to notify it of any illegal detentions, arrests or torture cases, if any, inside jails.