Parliamentary Committee to investigate Balhaf events [Archives:2007/1041/Local News]

April 12 2007

SHABWAH, April 10 ) A parliamentary committee is to arrive in Shabawa's capital Attaq to investigate the events that took place in the liquefied gas export project site in Belhaf on March 25 following an alleged profaning of the Noble Quran by a French expert.

The committee, formed on April 4, includes MPs Nabil Al-Pasha, Mohammed Al-Khadim Al-Wajeeh, Sultan Al-Atwani, Abdullah Khairan, Ali Al-Amrani, Ahmed Al-Ruquihi, and Mansour Al-Zindani. The formed committee was delegated to look into the circumstances of the incident and report the matter to the Parliament.

This came after many MPs let in intense disputes over the issue and some threatened resignation unless a committee is formed.

The committee met earlier with the High Security Committee who investigated the case and the Minister of Oil and Mineral, Khalid Bahah, to know closely the measures taken so far. Also, it will meet the local authority leaderships in Attaq together with the members of the security committee formed by Shabwah governor to investigate the issue.