Parliamentary investigation about $1 million [Archives:2007/1075/Local News]

August 9 2007

SANA'A, Aug 7 ) The financial affairs committee in the Parliament presented the parliament's budget for the next year during its sessions by the end of July. The budget estimated to be YR 4 billions and 286 millions with an increase of YR 402 millions, 10% of which is from the budget of the current year, 2007.

Most of the new increase went to the fourth section for acquiring the financial assets with an amount of YR one billion and 90 million, an increase of 31%. The report of the committee recommended increasing the field visits allowances for the parliamentarians with 50%.

However, the registered amount, estimated by YR 72 millions, is not enough due to the hefty expenses afforded by the permanent committees in the parliament.

Worth-noting, the parliament has no financial bylaw or regulations until now. The cost of one MP's work is estimated with more than one million per month. He receives 50% of the amount and the rest goes to the administrative and operational budget of the council as well as the permanent committees.

The committee's report recommended increasing the allowances of housing of the parliamentarians, transferred from the southern and eastern governorates, into 20000 per month. It is because the amount did not increase since 1990.

It also stressed the importance of the real number of the special guards of the Parliament, dropping the unavailable names. The report indicated that the list of the guards' award contains 95 names including commanders and soldiers, though the real number is much less than that.

The Parliament discussed the internal affairs meeting in a live session in which a special committee, consisting of 113 members, was assigned to verify the aid amount given for the Parliament by the United Nations Program. The amount was estimated as US $ one million and YR 200 million.

The committee was also assigned to draft the Parliament's remarks related to the way of employment in the Parliament as well as the frequent absence and early leave from the hall. It also discussed the transportation allowances allocated for the MPs as well as the negligence of the Presidential Body regarding following up the Parliament's recommendations to the government and the ways of implementing them.

However, the committee demanded the re-nomination of the Parliament's representatives in the contemporary Arab Parliamentary Union.