Partnership agreement between Yemen and Britain,Blair government grants Yemen 55 Sterling Pounds to support development [Archives:2004/770/Business & Economy]

September 6 2004

President Ali Abdullah Saleh's recent visit to Britain has produced the establishment of a Yemeni-British partnership aimed at expanding the two countries' cooperation in investment areas and trade exchange.
The visit has also resulted in signing in initials an agreement of partnership including offering to Yemen an aid amounting to 27 million and 300 thousand Sterling Pounds to contribute to the third phase of a program by the Social development Fund and the World Bank program in basic education and also offering another 12 million and 300 thousand Sterling Pounds for the assistance in the poverty fighting program as well as another 15 Sterling Pounds for the development of education and administration at the ministry of education.
Those aids have represented a new phase of cooperation and relations would, in coming years, witness good growth as Blair government has promised to increase its assistance to Yemen as rewards for its success in fighting terror and the process of democratic and economic reforms.
During his meetings with British businessmen, president Saleh has welcomed their investments especially in the Free Zone in Aden and Yemeni ports and other available areas.
Mr Blair promised offering support to Yemen through the European Union and the eight industrialized countries, mentioning that the European Union and Britain view Yemen as a more important partner for implementation of economic and political reforms in the region. Therefore, the visit of president Saleh to London has given a push to economic, investment and trade relations between Yemen and Britain and that they would establish for an active partnership during the next years.