Peace Among Al-Awaliq Tribes [Archives:1998/34/Reportage]

August 24 1998

The tribes of Maan, Al-Mahajer,and Bakazem which all combine the tribes of Al-Awaliq held a meeting in Al-Mafraq region, Al-Saeed district in Shabwa governorate. This meeting comes as a reaction to the kidnapping of Mr. Saleh Ahmed Al-Shilfah, from Shabwa, by some guys from Al-Saeer tribe. The statement issued by Al-Awaliq condemned that action describing it an action against law, ethics and our traditions and principles. This phenomenon is considered to be the first in the southern and northern governorates. The meeting recommended the following:
1- The meeting of Al-Awaliq tribe affirms the importance of national solidarity for the sake of protecting the achievements of the country, notably the Yemeni unification, democracy and plurality.
2- All the tribes of Al-Awaliq agreed to finish all blood revenge disputes taking place between them for two years making a general treaty of that agreement. During this time the Supreme Coordination Council (SCC)of the Al-Awaliq tribes will undertake the responsibility of settling down all the differences and finishing off all the problems between them. This will ensure peace , justice and social solidarity. The agreement is to be carried out from August 17.
3- The meeting agreed on establishing the SCC of the Al-Awaliq tribes. This council will be responsible for making the policy of the tribes and represent the tribes and protect and defend the rights of the Al-Awaliq tribes. The council will formulate the laws organizing the activities of the council provided that they shouldn’t go against the constitution, laws and traditions. The council will have its own administrative and political committee.
4- The people of Al-Awaliq take an obligation not to allow blood revenge accidents to take place in their cities and markets. They delegate the SCC to take all measures to ensure the peace and safety of all their cities, markets and people.
5- The people of Al-Awaliq tribes condemn all kinds of terrorism, kidnapping and thefts and all bad deeds that disfigure the reputation of the country. They completely refuse that their tribes to be the theater of such illegal actions.
6-The people of the Al-Awaliq tribes call all the tribes of Shabwa, particularly the Khalifa tribe to do their best to make the cities and markets of Shabwa free from blood revenge accidents specifying the penalties against anybody trying to disturb the people and the governorate of Shabwa.
7-The people of the Al-Awaliq tribes call the tribes of Shabwa to sign an agreement between all the tribes of Shabwa making use of the recommendations of the meeting of the Al-Awaliq tribes. They also call for solving the blood revenge issues.
8- The people of the Al-Awaliq tribes believe the result of their meeting will enhance their unity on the way to strengthening the Yemeni unification, peace, stability and general development all over the country.
By Matooq A. Ghaleb,