Peace and Somali refugee in Yemen [Archives:2008/1197/Community]

October 9 2008

Sadat Mohammed Yusuf Geesh
Head of Refugee Affairs of Somali Community – Sana'a Yemen
[email protected]

We are sending to the world our little left heartfelt greetings on the occasion of the world Peace day.

The Somali refugees in Yemen are illusive community refugees of separate individuals that have not effective interaction and social and economic network characterized in a productive artificial relationship between them on one hand and with the host and international communities. this was as a result of quarrelsome individuals who always obstruct with every entity supposed to conserve their interests the interests of their Greater Population here in Yemen. infertile unfruitful tribal confrontations borrowed from home; even though there is reputable system and Elected Leadership of community and Somali interest Conservation Committee, you will hear the vociferously quarrelling Refugee warlords, mostly unintentional, and traditional, sprawling meaningless around for requesting for international and regional interferences of destroying the only united and professional cadres that are tirelessly and voluntarily working day and night to support and assist these forgotten people and on their accord.

They are closed completely, from their close surroundings and live in an anarchism socially and their security life for administrating of their forsaken human rights.

They live under unknown families which has zero tolerance of family economy, dmolished by ignorance and know-all attitude from poor and traditional-based fascist elders,until their vulnerability have reached unknown decree to them and to the concerned parties.

Their life starts from noon every day, where all begin under the famous search operation of Kat in any price, and any source, from securing, its all right and there, starts their poor and malfunctioned political debates of back home and what is going on!!. Useless and superficial debates sometimes reaches to where a violent confrontation happens between them?. For what? for defending the vociferous and ruthless war-mongering kin back home. Whose job is merely sustenance for living the price of the blood civilians, nothing else?

After that the refugee returns back his little room injured, beaten, or tired for squabbling others for things not related with his/her immediate survival degree here, in the country of host!. the hungry and lack of future is not bothering him/her; there in his home, he narrates how he hardly hit his tribal enemy, and for the sake of defending the most enemy of 21 century civilization “Clan””.

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