‘Peace from China’ exhibition launched [Archives:2005/905/Local News]

December 22 2005

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Sanaa have organized an exhibition entitled “Peace messenger from China”, started on the 21st of December in the Cultural House in Sana'a and will continue until the end of the Year

The exhibition embodies the 600th anniversary of Zheng He's global voyages; the exhibition includes some artistic paints, porcelain utensils that represent Zheng's travels and Chinese culture and civilization.

Zheng He is one of China's great maritime explorers, who utilized the most advanced nautical technology of his time to lead huge fleets of Chinese sailing ships on seven major transoceanic expeditions. Guided by Zheng He's uncompressing vision, these expeditions reached as far as the Red Sea and the east of Africa, establishing mutually beneficial trade and diplomatic relations with over thirty Asian and African countries and regions.

In each of the countries he visited, Zheng He engaged in wide-ranging cultural exchanges in areas religion, calendar development, architecture, medicine, navigation, and shipbuilding. These activities promoted friendly Sino-foreign relations, bringing China into the world community and embodying the desire of people everywhere for peaceful coexistence.

The great western voyages of Zheng He were unprecedented in the history of maritime exploration, both in traditional China and the entire world. They represented a great advance in the evolution of human civilization and exploration, and were instrumental in forging new links between China and the rest of the world. It is hoped that through this exhibition of Zhen He's great accomplishments, people around the world may come to better understand the indomitable spirit of the Chinese people, their determination to brave the challenges of the natural world, and the enterprising and peace-living values that form the foundation of Chinese culture.