Peace Supporters Organization Declared [Archives:2000/17/Local News]

April 24 2000

A new organization adopting the name ‘Monadhamat Ansar Al-Salam (SAM)’ (Peace Supporters Organization) has been recently declared in Taiz. The organization’s major objective is fighting terrorism and extremism and spreading peace.
Municipality’s Continued Victimization of Shopkeepers
Even as the nation is gearing up for a gale celebration of the 10th anniversary of reunification, municipality launches its characteristic extortion campaign against shop-keepers and technical workshops.
Yemen Times learnt from reliable sources that a number of shop keepers have been arrested even five-years. The authorities however assert that they evaded payment of taxes to the municipality, and defiled the image of the city.
It is worth mentioning that arresting traders by municipality violates constitutional provisions and human rights as well.
Till now, approximately 600 peddlers have already been behind bars in the Central Prison, Sana’a.