Peak tourism season Eid in Aden: A blessing [Archives:2002/50/Reportage]

December 9 2002


As used to be the case in the last few years, Aden City is receiving an influx of tourists from all over the country to spend the Eid vacation on its beaches.
They are escaping the cold weather of Sanaa and other cities heading to the warm golden beaches in the south.
It truly is amazing to see that the number of Yemenis coming to Aden every year is increasing significantly, reaching unimaginable levels.
“The population of Aden simply doubles during the Eid.” said one of the restaurant owners in the city.
Last year’s Eid Al-Fitr witnessed half a million visitors to Aden, as people seize the opportunity by intensifying their trade and commercial activities.
However, this Eid will be somewhat different because a similar festival, but on a much smaller scale, the annual Dubai Shopping Festival takes place. Nevertheless, it will be an interesting experience for the city.
The latest visit of H.E. President Ali Abdullah Saleh to the city several months ago has also helped boost the morals of its residents. The leadership encouraged investors to focus more on the natural beauty and cleanliness of the city and to offer new and modern tourist attractions.
The city currently has 80 hotels, two of them five star hotels and the number is increasing.
Tourism office manager in Aden Mr. Ali Naji told Yemen Times that survey forms will be distributed to the different hotels to know the number of guests in each, to serve as a database for those who want to reserve rooms or apartments during the peak seasons.
Coastal cities become active during Eids, and while during the rest of the year such cities are abandoned, there is tourism in such places for seasons.
Lately, new services have been offered in the two five-star hotels in Aden, including boat tours and riding jet skis.
Children enjoy their time in Aden because of water sports, going to public parks, and even having tours on camels.
Certainly, there is a good reason for hundreds of thousands of people to visit Aden, so if you have not yet been to Aden in such a time, you are strongly advised to do so.