Pensioners demonstrate for better conditions [Archives:2007/1068/Local News]

July 16 2007

SANA'A July 14 ) following up the demonstration arranged by the Coordinating Council of the Military Pensioners Associations in Aden, hundreds of military pensioners demonstrated in Sana'a last week, calling for improving the pensioners' issue.

The military pensioners in Sana'a formed their first cooperative, which aims to coordinate with the pensioners in all the governorates to call for their rights, according to the Yemeni constitution.

At the Police Officers' Club, in Sana'a, the pensioners held the first meeting for their cooperative. They asked the human rights organizations and mass media to support them in highlighting their problem so as to attract the people's attention.

They also aimed to take their rights which are mentioned in the Yemeni constitution as well as to take what the government has promised in its last week. The promise was to set comprehensive solutions to the issue of the military pensioners and implement the President Saleh's directives which dictate resolving the issue of pensioners.

The general chief of the official military affairs in the ministry of defense, Mohamed Al-Ansi ensured that special military committees are formed to implement the President's decision. Many centers are opened in Sana'a, Aden, and Adalia governorates to receive the military pensioners' files from the all governorates.

“About 1200 military pensioners were received in the period of July 7- 14. And, the official military affairs have distributed applications to the pensioners and released presses to the pensioners' finance offices to start giving them what they deserve according to the Law.” Al-Ansi explained.

The financial office will raise up about 50 present to the basic salary of the pensioners