People’s campaign supports president’s no nomination decision [Archives:2006/955/Front Page]

June 15 2006

SANA'A, June 14 ) A group calling itself the “People's campaign to support the president's decision to not nominate himself” announced its establishment last Saturday in a message distributed to local and Arab media.

The group emphasized that it's not a political party but rather a popular campaign expressing public opinion and establishing new thought aimed at leading Yemen to a better future.

While the message, signed by general coordinator Mohammed Al-Shuaibi, didn't specify those who established the campaign or the mechanism of its action, it declared that the campaign aims to support President Ali Abdullah Saleh's decision to not nominate himself for presidential elections via all peaceful and civilized methods.

At both local and Arab levels, as well as on a popular level, the group hopes it will be an important precedent in the process of peaceful transfer of power to whomever citizens choose for the important post and return confidence to confronting corruption. The message indicated that it's time for change.

Those adopting the campaign mentioned Yemen's reality in the message, saying that it's about to fall into a deep abyss that may lead it and its citizens to fragmentation and sectarian and regional division due to accumulated mistakes and dangerous violations

They described Yemen's reality as being filled with non-commitment to the Constitution, laws and operating rules, resulting in aggravating deteriorating security and economic situations.

The message added that corruption's spread inside all state systems and administrations has become the rule controlling the state and placed citizens' and the homeland's destinies in the hands of a group of corrupt individuals.

All of this has led to squashing the majority of citizens and placing them below the poverty line against a wealthy minority that created its wealth from plundering public riches. Such minority is represented by a number of names and areas.