Periodical for Gifted & Talented released [Archives:2003/685/Local News]

November 13 2003

The issue No. Zero of the Talent and Creativity periodical has been recently issued by the Talented and the Creative Administration affiliated to the Education Ministry.
The periodical has been supervised by the Education Sector, the Public Administration for School Activities.
The new periodical contains useful miscellaneous educational information such as, Gulf-Yemeni participation of the Arabic Competition and names of top talented students taking part in international gatherings.
The periodical also deals with different aspects such as, paying a special attention to the gifted and talented students in our society.
One of the main objectives of the periodical is to proclaim the gifted and talented students and their leading role in building the Yemeni society.
It also aims at making strong relations with the budding talents and other concerned bodies in making efforts to promoting the design and the quality of its educational articles for the benefit of the educational process in Yemen.
It worthwhile mentioning that the Talented and Creative Administration has been come into existence in a ministerial decree, which aims at achieving the following: –
– Establishing and implanting the Islamic principle among our students.
– Instilling the switch of allegiance to the God, Country and the Unity.
– Gaining proper educational behaviors as well as necessary skills, information as well as discovering their talents.
– Taking an interest on the creative capabilities in all fields, disclosing them, polishing, and supporting them.
– Disseminating awareness of different sciences and cultures among the budding talents and the creative in all spheres of life.