Pessimism and Optimism in the political Arena [Archives:2001/29/Focus]

July 16 2001

Mohammed Al-Massani
One may say that we have made great progress signalled by the existence of seven universities, thousands of schools, prevalence of political security, demarcation of the borders and achievement of press freedom which endorse this optimism. But, on the contrary the situation is deteriorating in all domains starting with the high rate of unemployment and poverty, increasing security disturbances and financial & administrative corruption.
Another section of opinion may say that although the number of schools has increased, yet the rate of unemployment has soared and the financial and administrative reform adopted by the government is undermining the capacity of the state owing to the high debts incurred from international agencies. When you read 62 September newspaper it gives the impression that you are in one of the third world countries and not in Yemen. You read again some of the opposition newspapers which give the impression that you are living in the middle ages along with cannibals. Amidst this pessimism and optimism we are getting confused. An issue of major concern is why the opposition parties do not adopt real and concrete actions in stead of opposing for the sake of opposing. Similarly, why doesn’t t the official newspaper stop retaliating against and, some times, accusing some people of high treason. This can build and better the status of Yemen in the present age.