Peter Shweizer’s Contributions Continue: A Permanent Photo Exhibition [Archives:1999/06/Culture]

February 8 1999

Yemen as a country is quite well known in the world for many reasons, the most recent ones being the kidnapping and killing of four tourists, the on-going trial of the Britons, and its place as the only democratic country in the Arabian Peninsula. Yemen’s culture is not well known, for the simple reason that there have been no serious attempts to unveil our rich culture to the outside world, except for few people who are interested in Yemeni culture, and are keen to promote it. One of these people is Mr. Peter Schweizer.
Mr. Peter Schweizer is an architect and a photographer, who has issued many books about Yemen. He has exerted a remarkable effort to establish many different cultural projects and programs which have an important and influential role in boosting the cultural cooperation between Yemen and Switzerland. One of his projects concerning Yemen is a proposal to have a permanent photo exhibition under the title THE YEMENI PEOPLE FACE TO FACE, presented in his name and the name of the Swiss Government to the Yemeni people, and to one of the main Tourist Features of Yemen, and that is the Rock Palace at Wadi Dahar. The proposal was approved by The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, The Ministry of Information and the General Authority for the Preservation of Old Towns as well as other concerned authorities. This photo exhibition will give the Rock Palace a new look, and it will help tourists to understand Yemen in a better way. It will also help to promote tourism. The Exhibition shall be officially inaugurated on 19th Feb. 1999.