PFUP insists on release of kidnapped members [Archives:2005/843/Local News]

May 19 2005

The Popular Forces Unionist Party (PFUP), held the security authorities accountable for the release of Nabil al-Wazeer, one of the relatives of Ibrahim al-Wazeer, president of the party who has just returned from abroad.

The PFUP said in a statement issued last Saturday that such developments coincided with the address of President Saleh, that included instigations against the party.

The statement said such official practices against the PFUP targets the political and critical life in Yemen, calling on opposition parties and civil community organizations to stand against flagrant violations by the authorities.

The PFUP officials strongly denounced the abduction of Eng. Nabil al-Wazeer amidst silence of the security authorities which appeared indifferent toward the issue, despite the fact that several reports were sent to the Ministry of Interior.

Officials at the party were quoted as saying: “Such official practices against our party target the political and multi-party life in Yemen and go against the democratic values adhered to by the regime.”

The PFUP called on opposition parties and national forces to have a rigid stand against such practices and support the democratic move to build the future of Yemen and ensure its security and stability.