Philosophy of Education [Archives:2004/799/Culture]

December 16 2004

By [email protected]
The word education has been derived from the Latin word Educare, which means to train, to bring up, to train, to bring up, to nourish.
To me, education means to cultivate manners, discipline, respect for the truth, and an analytical approach in every aspect of life. Education tells us how to live wisely but not wildly. Education distinguishes the man. It helps him to understand the problems of life and to tackle the obstacles of nerve wrecking frustration of life.
It is education that promotes religious messages and one can select or analyze once own path of life. Education creates the urge to analyze the things critically in every sphere of life. As a teacher I believe that a child is like a crude material and a teacher can do the work of Leonardo di Vinci.
As I think, a forest can grow by itself naturally but a garden cannot. Birds and animals require little teaching or training to lead a successful life. But people's intellectual growth depends on many outside factors and cannot attain maturity without long and deliberate efforts.
God created the entire world, but man managed it with education and learning process. God created the night, but man created the lamp or electricity. God created nature everywhere, man made the axe to mow it down. God created the clay, humans created the cup. God has created the deserts, hills and medows, man has created avenues, flowerbeds and gardens.
Education needs deliberated efforts. A flower is pretty by itself but a diamond requires a lot of cutting and polishing before it will sparkle with thousands of colours. Humans are like rough diamonds, needing filing and polishing before all the faculties of the human personality can reach its full development. It enables one to lead a better life physically, mentally and spiritually. Each individual student is the most important person in the classroom. I do believe that a teacher should not be a teacher only he/she should be a doctor, a father or a mother, a psychologist, a friend and a whole model of balanced life.
I had experiences with certain pupils who were supposed to be dull minded. I kept them under close observation. One of the students her name is Alia Jilani. It was reported by other teachers that if you assigned her any task, she would take it for granted and she would not pay heed to any advice or instruction. I called her in my staff room, and then I offered a cup of coffee to her, and she became familiar with me. Later I started probing in her personal life. I came to know she was upset due to her financial problems because her father divorced her mother. So I consoled her by putting forward a fee exemption application to the principle. Then I encouraged her at every stage and she started taking interest in her studies. She later attained the first position in ninth grade.
I dislike dealing with deadly weapons. I abhor operating mechanical devices, but I love to train soft minds of children. I want to train the soft recesses of angelic hearts, which is why I selected this sacred profession, teaching.
To me, to forget the importance of education is to be a brook without source, a tree without roots, a clock without hands, a body without soul. Education is jugular vein of human life.