Photography exhibition organized by House of Peace [Archives:2005/829/Local News]

March 31 2005

Under the auspices of Minister of State, Sana'a Mayor Ahmed al-Kuhlani, House of Peace Organization organized Monday, in cooperation with the Capital Secretariat Schools, a photograph exhibition accompanied with theatrical shows, which targeted many schools.

This comes within the two-month campaign, which aims at generating awareness regarding the negative impact of revenge, violence and misuse of small arms by individuals, families, tribes and humans in general.

The Peace House Organization is trying to highlight the suffering of some affected families, giving a brief look at the size of the problem and calamity so that schoolchildren get informed on the serious consequences of revenge and get back home to tell their parents.

House of Peace has been able to provide the bridge of communication and cooperation with schools including building up capacities and boosting students' hobbies and artistic tendencies such as drawing and activating the values of art, beauty and creation.

This is meant to implant the values of tolerance and peace and acceptance of the otherness in the minds of the young generation so that they combat detrimental phenomena.

House of Peace has also been targeting female students and girl schools pointing out how girls can actively participate in saving their families, and future children from the evil of violence and arms misuse.