Playing with gun and kill the friendship [Archives:2007/1073/Community]

August 2 2007

By: Mahmoud Al-Harazi
As usual, Sa'ad 20 years went to his work in the morning and returned to his home afternoon to meet his friends Khalid Al-Shami and Mohammed Al-Haj telling them “I will go home to take shower and then shall we go to the Qat market to buy it.”

While Sa'ad went to take shower after hard working his friend Khalid went to take Mohammed gun was put at some body to fix it while Mohammed was waiting them in his communication shop.

Sa'ad returned very happy for meeting his friends, while he was kidding with his friend Khalid Mohammed was auditing his shop.

While Sa'ad was talking with Khalid kidding with him and referring one of his finger to Khalid shoulder telling him” surrender Khalid”, suddenly Khalid took Mohammad's gun referring it to Sa'ad shoulder saying ” surrender Sa'ad”

Khalid did not know that the gun was loaded with bullets and had become ready to use.

Such thunderous explosion sounds in Mohammed and Khalid ears and Mohammed said “what happened? Don't play with gun Khalid.” At the same time Sa'ad was laying on the floor shouting quietly “take me to the hospital Mohammed take me hospital Mohammed”

Mohammed did not believe what his eyes saw so did Khalid who said” I did not shot it was not me the bullet went it self”

The two friends took Sa'ad to Khaild's car parked in the front of the communication shop.

Al-Hekmh hospital refused Sa'ad case and get the bullet out of Sa'ad shoulder for not having the resources.

The two friends thought what should we do “lets take him to Al-Harmeen hospital in the tourist city” Mohammed said.

It was the heartbreak when the hospital doctor said that he can't do any thing for Sa'ad for not having the resources.

The two friends feared on Sa'ad but they did not despaired so they moved Sa'ad to another hospital which received Sa'ad case.

The two friends had taken long breath and felt happy because the hospital has received Sa'ad case and started the first aid.

When the police knew the accident they moved directly to the hospital to question Mohammed and Khalid and Sa'ad.

Mohammed was the first who was questioned by police and when khalid reassured that Sa'ad would be ok he went straightly to the police station to surrender himself to the police The police started to question Sa'ad laid out on the hospital bed who declined to answer any question only after they release his friend Khalid from the prison” get Khalid out of the prison and bring him to me because I already forgave him then I well answer your question.” Saad said.

After two hours Sa'ad has moved to Al-thorwa hospital to make the surgery for getting the bullet out of saad shoulder and after suffering severe Mohammed and Sa'ad brother could find a bed for Sa'ad in the hospital, and from here the tragedy of Sa'ad and his two friends begun so did Sa'ad and Khalid families.

Khalid jailed in the police station but Sa'ad laid on the hospital bed while Sa'ad brother and Mohammed were following the hospital management and the doctors to initiative treating Sa'ad.

Sa'ad brother who came after he knew the accident was helping Mohammed and rotated in following up the case procedures in the hospital suddenly the doctor said “we can't do any thing for Sa'ad accept the competent Cuban doctor comes who would come after two days.”

Sa'ad brother and Mohammed agreed what the doctor said and they were waiting when the next would come.

That day came but the competent Cuban doctor did not came so they have told again that the Doctor would come during a week.

Khalid was living very worried on his best friend Sa'ad hoping to have the surgery very soon and hoping to know saad case quickly; therefore he sent Sa'ad a mobile phone to call him when he wanted that and could talk to him whenever he wanted as well as to reassure him directly.

From time to time Khalid was calling Sa'ad who was always weeping some time Khalid was praying for him to get better soon and other times asking him to forgive him but saad was always telling him the news and that he will be better soon” don't worry my friend during this week the surgery will be made and I will be better soon and I will see you sooner or later”

Two days have gone and a week even two weeks and a month but that competent Cuban doctor did not come yet.

Sa'ad brother was so worrying on Sa'ad so did his family, and some day he went to the hospital management looking for another doctors asking them to see and examine Sa'ad but unfortunately no one agreed to see Sa'ad accept the competent Cuban doctor comes.

Sa'ad family situation material was poor to move him to another hospital

Lastly the Cuban doctor arrived after a month Sa'ad stayed in the hospital and after nearly a month the bullet stayed inside Sa'ad body as if the bullet liked the place it settled in Sa'ad body refusing to leave.

Surgical operation was conducted to Sa'ad and the bullet was extracted after a month Sa'ad stayed in al-thowra hospital.

Surgical operation was conducted to Sa'ad and the bullet was extracted then soon Sa'ad injured after the surgery operation with a womb, not only this but also injured a mudslide in the backbone.

Sa'ad sometimes was lying in the hospital bed and other times lying in the intensive care.

The doctors of al-thowrah hospital could not do any thing for saad, after three days of the operation Sa'ad is died leaving his family and friends in great sadness.