Please answer honestlyCensus can help development [Archives:2004/798/Business & Economy]

December 13 2004

Yemen's census is around the corner. To be held Dec. 16 and 17, the processes of counting will count people in various categories
Yemen considers this night, 16-17 Dec., the best way to accomplish the duties of the census teams that depend of course on cooperation of all citizens and recruits in order to reach the right results. Those results will help in making the economical and social development that is represented in the different services and projects in all districts and for all people.
The previous official censuses in Yemen provided the following details:
The presidential decree No. 219 for 2002 about the General Population and Housing Census stated that the census recruits should be in charge of the governmental workers.
Whoever provides intentionally wrong information will be subjected to legal punishment.
Collecting the correct information is a crucial matter because the data will be in place for ten years and it's intended to achieve its goals of knowing the qualitative and age organization of population, their geographical distribution and their social, economical and demographical features.
The public should honestly provide information showing the kind of accommodation, rooms, and available services such as electricity, water and sewerage that they have.
The recruits are also asking for information about poor people's conditions so the government can more effectively combat poverty.
The census is also geared to help understand social classes including the handicapped and people of special needs, illiterates, immigrants, and workers of different sectors, in addition to the elderyly, youth, women and children.