Please promise only if you can fulfill [Archives:2007/1071/Community]

July 23 2007
Photo from archived article: photos/1071/community2_1
Photo from archived article: photos/1071/community2_1
By: Fatama Al-Subban
[email protected]

People used to value the words they say and keep their promises. But these days it seems it is only lip service and words or especially promises have no meaning. The person who breaks his or her promise does not realize that what he or she says is a reflection of their character. Their speech defines their reputation among customers, friends, and even family.

An example that clearly describes this issue is the talk and promises that take place in governmental and even non governmental offices. You can't tell if the person in front of you is sincere or means what they say.

Only people with live conscience and strong faith respect their words. If you have some paper works to follow, the manager or the person responsible will tell you come back tomorrow and your paper will be done, but then when you do come back the next day you either can't locate that person or get his secretary to give you a blank look. It odes not matter to them how much money and effort you spend while wasting your time in the many visits without result.

Of course the situation changes dramatically if you are a rich man or have influence, or even know someone who does. At that moment you will find the people standing up for you, grinning from ear to ear and sweating to please you.

I know an accountant who narrated the following story. One day he was requested by a sheikh to review the budget of the sheikh's company in return for a fee. The accountant took that budget for reviewing and he discovered many mistakes and many missing bills. He does his best and when he finishes the report the sheikh gives the accountant much less than agreed. So the accountant refused to submit the final report and budget until he gets his fee in full. Finally the sheikh gives the accountant a check, which turned out to be worthless because the sheikh had no money in his account. So the accountant decides to take his money in cash. Because he has realized the sheikh is a crook and an untrustworthy man.

Why do some people do this and exploit weak or ignorant people. There are people who still have faith in others and trust in their words. Islam teaches us to say the truth and respect others and never break our promises. We are not being good Muslims until we learn not to lie and to keep our promises.