Plight of Somali Refugees [Archives:1998/15/Local News]

April 13 1998

A group of Somali refugees working under the Taiz Somali Refugee Committee (TSRC) announced in a statement sent to Yemen Times, their intention to sue the UNHCR representative in Yemen. The TSRC claims the UNHCR is ‘deliberately neglecting the refugees under the pretext of not having sufficient funds.’
The statement also claimed that the TSRC has ‘documented evidence of the suffering of Somali refugees in Sanaa, Taiz, Hodeida, Aden and Al-Jaheen camp.’ There are around 3,500 Somali refugees in Taiz alone.
The statement accused the local UNHCR office in Taiz of failing to perform its duties,’ and reiterated its intention to file a law suit against this United Nations organization.