Poetry Corner:A Teacher [Archives:2004/714/Education]

February 23 2004

by Arif Ahhmed
Faculty of Education , Hodeidah University

These days in the institutions of learning
A teacher is considered an outsider and stranger

Well, my dear students,
Open your eyes to the reality

A teacher is not an outsider
He is not a stranger
He is the inseparable part of you
He sacrifices his being for the sake of your well-being.

A teacher is a father
Full of genuine concern for you
A loving mother taking care of your health.

A friendly brother giving proper suggestions
At the proper time, and sometimes rebuking as well
A loving neighbor helping you
In your hours of need.

An affectionate guide
Showing you the right path
He inspires virtue in you
And warns you against evil.

Be not hostile to him
Rather be always respectful
Respect shown to him
Will mean respect to your own well-being.

Do also remember:
A teacher belongs to you
And you belong to him
Thus the two of you are only one!