Poetry CornerSalam, the antiquery [Archives:2005/884/Education]

October 10 2005


(Seiyun, 10 April 2005)

The night was very pleasant.

The spring in Seiyun is unique

It treats you to a rich fare

Of lovely embraces of cool winds

Cooler and softer, a sensation

More sensational than the

Timid embraces of a coy love

The caresses of a devoted wife

The spontaneous hug of a selfless

Mother when she sees

A heavy depression of

Tech savvy times descending on you.

The walks are ideally laid

On the edges and at the centre.

Shara Al Jessair boasts of very

Nice walks.I simply love them.

I go for strolls in the nights.

Ideal time. You're neither alone

Nor interminably intruded.

An occassional passerby or

A man behind a wheel greets:

“Dr. Aruna! Salaam alaikkum

Khaif Halak? Thamam?”

They greet, enquire, no mere

Rhetorics. Just wave a hand,

Throw a smile and proceed.

Not much nuisance.

Very affectionate people.

There are cars, cars, and cars.

But they don't interrupt your

Contemplations.Yes, cars

This brings to my mind

Mr.Salem Al Habshi.

What great sacrifices!

How much suffereing!

To build up that private collection.

How much it might have cost!

Buying all those antique machines.

Right from former British Governor,

To former Sultans; vintage cars,

Battle trucks of the First War

From Yemenis, Indians, Americans,


But I think that man is sad

Disillusioned today.

No appreciation,

No recognition,

Love's labour lying idle

Wasted like rain on dessert?

A nation's past is its strength

Enables us to look from past

To present to future.

The relics of the past are not

Mere trinkets or memorablia

Of a bygone civilization.

They teach us values, guide

Us in our future endeavours.

They're constant reminders

Of an era of thraldom under aliens.

Public museum Salem's cars

Must be preserved in for

Future generations.

The public, young and old,

Students, tourists, antiquaries)

All will be enthused.

Every human endeavour needs

A boost, encouragement, impetus.

Seiyun spring entices my stroll;

Salem's soul is his antique cars.

They shall not go unnoticed.

Lest man will lose his roots,

Let government do something.

But who can blow the conch?