Points to Ponder: Tourist Industry [Archives:2001/33/Health]

August 13 2001

Mohammad Al-Masani
Yemen Times
The tourist industry accounts for a substantial share of the national income of many nations all over the world. In today’s world tourism has taken different dimensions and forms. Hence, tourism has been so diversified and not restricted to just traveling for leisure as new types of tourism have emerged including traveling for medication & physical therapy, recreation, religious purposes and fun. Furthermore, tourism has become an art and relies on a wide scale of infrastructure facilities that help in attracting large number of tourists from all over the world.
Yemen is a very rich country in terms of historical sites but unfortunately the government of Yemen does not give tourism its due importance. In addition, the kidnapping phenomena has adversely affected tourism and distorted he image of Yemen overseas and this is the principal reason behind the sharp decline of tourists visiting Yemen. Yemen has a lot to offer for tourists, particularly with regard to the availability of huge number of ancient civilizations’ sites in addition to the cultural diversity.
Ultimately, it is a pity that a country with all that attractions ,like Yemen, is deprived from that significant source of national income.