Police Arrest four people of the kidnappers of Mao [Archives:2001/41/Local News]

October 8 2001

Official sources said the police detained four people suspected to be tied with the kidnapping of the Chinese citizen, Mao Ding, who was snatched by armed tribesmen on Sunday, September 23rd. The detainees are Mohammed Ahmed Ahmed Al-Hajja Ahmed Aidh, Haddi Kharis, and Awadh Mohammed Ahmed. The kidnapped Chinese sent letters to the Chinese Embassy, saying that he was okay. While the mediations with the tribe to release the hostage have come to a halt, military forces are sieging the Nihm tribe, where they believe the hostage is being kept.
The kidnapper is reported to be a retired military colonel. He has demanded that the authorities stop the decision of his retirement, give him back his car, and employ 20 of his people in the special Guards Army.
The Chinese Embassy has expressed concern about the hostage and requested that the Yemeni government have him released peacefully.