Police Hospital responds [Archives:2005/825/Health]

March 17 2005

By Colonel Hamoud Mohammed al-Kudaimi
We have received a letter from the management of the Police General Hospital in Sana'a dated February 19, 2005 reacting to the interview conducted by the Yemen Times with Dr. Rosa Dirhim Mukrid published in issue No. 787 dated November 4, 2004. That was three months ago. We are surprised at the belated reply of the hospital although the Minister of Interior met Mohammed bin Sallam, interviewer, and discussed the issue a few days after the interview.

Nevertheless, and despite the late response, the Yemen Times will give the hospital's management the right to have their response published on the same page, which featured the interview. What follows is the reply:

“Dear Editor,

The Yemen Times published in its issue No 787 dated November 4, 2004, an interview titled ” Hospital demands and the ministry asleep eak medical system”, by Mohammed bin Sallam in which the

writer quoted claims of an employee in the hospital, Dr. Rosa Dirhim Mukrid.

We do not claim perfection but whoever does not work does not make mistakes. You can visit the hospital or ask previous visitors. No new hospital in Yemen has reached such a status as did our hospital, which performed two uterectomies by uterescope. This is an example, which is a clear evidence of success, staff's proficiency, and efficient administration aided by the leadership of the Ministry represented in the Financial and Administrative Sector. You can also make sure by visiting the department where the claimant worked and knowing how well she maintained relations with her colleagues within the medical profession. You can also refer to her occupational file that is full of complaints and violations and her non-conforming with working hours.

Dear editor, I hope that you will publish this reply on the same page where you published the claims of the said doctor. Her are mere allegations because they are groundless.