Police raid Sana’a school for punishing officer’s son [Archives:2006/935/Local News]

April 6 2006

SANA'A, April 2 ) Police raided Al-Hawrash School in Sana'a at the request of a security official's son who quarreled with the school's deputy principal.

Informed sources told media that the son of the security officer, who works in the capital's Criminal Investigation Bureau, tried escaping from the school by jumping the fence. When the deputy principle punished him, the student resorted to the police station, returning to school with three soldiers who raided it in an arbitrary manner.

Soldiers attempted to seduce the deputy principal and take him to the police station, but mediation efforts succeeded in settling the dispute at the school. Mediators persuaded the deputy principal to apologize to the student.

Soldiers raiding the school sparked fear among students and teachers, sources said. They added that the student's father threatened school officials by phone about dire consequences for allegedly punishing his son, confirming that security officials' children must not be treated like other students.

Teachers are subject to harassment nationwide due to striking in protest against their deteriorating living standards and the government's new wage strategy.