Policy to be revisedImproving agricultural and fish production [Archives:2003/691/Business & Economy]

December 4 2003

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
Administration of the fund for encouraging agricultural and fish production has set up a plan for the fiscal year of 2004 and approved the formation of a committee to revise policy, define its relationship with the ministry of waters and environment, and its future tasks connected to improving living conditions production of workers in agricultural, fish and waters sectors.
The board of directors of the fund has also approved the implementation of projects that have not been finished, in accordance with legal rules for contracts and enhancement of transparency.
The board has also approved the principle of linking between programs of support offered by the fund to the agricultural sector to the extent of success of farmers in preserving the level of water basin.
The ministers of agriculture and irrigation and waters and environment have prepared a comprehensive enumeration of implemented dams and barriers as well as those under construction. They will also draw up a future map for dams and barriers supported by the fund.
The fund's board of directors has also approved a plan for entering modern means for irrigation with the aim of expansion in planting cotton, maintaining the policy of supporting seeds and fighting cotton epidemics as well as spending 10% of net profits to farmers.
A report issued by the State Establishment for Textile Industry mentions that rehabilitation of cotton ginnery and expansion in planting it has contributed to employment of 27 thousand workers, providing 497 new job opportunities and the return of 670 workers to work in the factory of textiles in Aden. The report also mentions that the productive capacity of cotton crop was raised by 125%.
The High Council of Administration of the Fund of Agricultural and Fish Production has lately approved the building of a factory for modern networks of irrigations contributed to by the establishment for agricultural services by 50% and submitting the remainder 50% for general contribution.