Political Terms Guide 2nd edition launched [Archives:2006/970/Local News]

August 7 2006

SANA'A, Aug. 3 ) The second edition of the Political Terms Guide prepared by researcher Abdul Nasser Al-Mwudda was launched at the Yemen Times premises on Thursday 3rd August. Many journalists and activists attended the launching in which copies of the guide were distributed.

The Political Terms Guide project is a joint venture between Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation and the Civil Development Center directed by Abdul Nasser Al-Mwudda. It started off in December 2004 and aims at familiarizing readers in Yemen and in other Arab countries with basic political terms in order to enhance awareness generally and political awareness in particular. The 2006 edition is an expanded version of the first edition as it includes more than three hundred different political terms with their explanation.

The guide targets the Arabic language readers yet it includes English names of the terms. Also there is an index at the end of the book for easy reference.

Ms. Nadia Al-Saqqaf editor in chief of the Yemen Times commented on the importance of this publication by saying: “I think it is a useful reference for media people and others as well. The reader can easily look up the various titles and use them as background for their stories or even for general knowledge. It helps clear certain ambiguities in a practical and fast way, and one could easily compare terms like Dominant Party and Ascendant Party.”

However, one could argue the use of such guide in the presence of international and more comprehensive publications present in the market. Mr. Abdul Nasser Al-Mwudda the author of the guide explained this point when he said: “Many of the terms in this guide are totally new and some of them are particular to the Arabic political culture and are not available in international guides. For example there is the 'Just Dictator' term, which is not found in other encyclopaedias.

Moreover, Friedrich Ebert Foundation favored publishing a guide prepared by an Arab researcher because it would then be much more capable of reaching the Arabic reader.”

Mr. Felix Eikenberg resident representative of the Friedrich Ebert Stuftung Foundation in Sana'a said that the foundation was encouraged to go ahead with the second edition after the significant success the first edition has achieved. “The demand for the political terms guide by the was outstanding and in no time we ran out of copies. Hence we felt confident that the second edition will receive the same appreciation from political figures, researchers and other interested institutions and persons in Yemen. And we took care that the 2006 version includes more political terms in order to increase the benefit from this publication.”