Politically Motivated Killings in Mareb [Archives:2001/14/Local News]

April 2 2001

Tribal disputes erupted in Mareb Governorate immediately after the local council elections were over.
Conflicts among the tribes of Jad’an, Nahm, Murad, Garameesh, and Bani Jabr led to the death of 9 and the wounding of 8 others.
Many tribal circles expressed their dissatisfaction over the acts of tribal vengeance committed after the elections.
Local elections and the differences which accompanied them were taken as a pretext for instigating old tribal disputes. This was concluded as fighting tribes were also holding different political stands.
Final results of the governorate of Mareb’s local council elections are still suspended after Islah gained most of the seats in the elections. The GPC’s candidates’ withdrawal and their demand to hold a referendum instead, were the excuse behind suspending the results.
The governor of Mareb was called by the government to seek a solution and give explanations to the politically motivated conflicts of late.